Cyber Senate Podcast

Security Monitoring Cloud Infrastructure for the Rail Sector

June 25, 2020 James Nesbitt / Cyber Senate
Cyber Senate Podcast
Security Monitoring Cloud Infrastructure for the Rail Sector
Show Notes

The digitisation of the rail sector continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, as innovation and the implementation of new technologies to enhance services and customer experiences hail in a new era of connected rail travel. Whilst digitisation improves efficiencies, it also extends the attack surface for cyber security incidents across the enterprise.

Cloud computing technology is a key business driver, enabling the sharing of railway information resources, improving the capacity of information processing. However, cloud security monitoring remains a barrier to the full realisation of Cloud’s capability. Deploying security monitoring tools, virtualisation and configuration of event management tools in dynamic environments are just a few of the challenges rail security professionals are grappling with on a daily basis, as well as how security information is shared and how we effectively collaborate within a shared infrastructure.

 Join the Cyber Senate as we dive deeper into the key discussion on Security Monitoring for Cloud Services, as we address best practices in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of cloud computing for the rail network.

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Areas of discussion include:

  • How can we gain full visibility to monitor for potential security flaws and vulnerabilities in a multi-tenant architecture?
  • How can we gain strict controls over data at all endpoints?
  • How can we better identify patterns and pinpoint potential security vulnerabilities?
  • Reliability and performance: How can we ensure it is not impacted by security?
  • A look at Cloud-wide intrusion and anomaly detection systems
  • Security monitoring collaboration
  • How can we provide more timely information on attacks, vulnerabilities and incident